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The bespoke process

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Consultation Meeting

Your consultation meeting is all about you - it is your chance to join us in designing your perfect piece. It can be an overwhelming process if you’ve never had tailored garment before, so we’re always sure to never rush a consultation, it takes as long as you need! It’s your opportunity to ask any questions you may have and we promise no question is too silly. For example, what happens at a suit fitting or how long does it take for a suit to be made? We discuss the process of having a bespoke suit made, explore with you our extensive cloth selection and help you decide on the best style to suit you! Our experienced tailors then take your measurements and the process begins!


cut by hand

After you have selected your cloth and your measurements have been taken our cutter will then create a personal pattern, bespoke to your size and shape! This is then used to cut your cloth to prepare for a first fitting. The pattern is used to strike the cloth, then cut by hand with the famous tailoring sheers by our expert head cutter. Every garment is cut by our head cutter alone to ensure each piece is consistently cut to the highest standard. 

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first fitting

At the First Fitting, you try on a ‘basted suit’, sewn together by hand to give the impression of your garment. During your fitting our tailor will assess your garments for adjustments and tweaks, ensuring you receive only the best fitting suit.


ripping down and recutting

Ripping down is the process of deconstructing the basted try on back into flat pieces of cloth. We then take the notes from your fitting and use them to recut your suit for an even better fit. At this stage your lining and trim will be cut and prepped for sewing. Your pattern is also updated and kept aside for your next bespoke suit.

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forward/second fitting

At a second fitting most of your Jacket will be completed, you will have pockets, lining, sleeves and a hand sewn collar. At this meeting, we simply repeat the process from the first fitting - evaluating your suits’ fit and making any last amendment notes needed. 


garment construction

Your suit is now ready to be finished, lining closed off, hand stitched edges, button holes added and gracefully pressed.


the finished suit

10-12 weeks after the first consultation, your bespoke suit is ready! All the precious time, passion and craftsmanship that has gone into making your suit is realised, materialising through the sharp, sophisticated and striking finished garment. It will become a treasured addition to your wardrobe! 

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