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Tailoring FAQs


Tailoring can be a vast and confusing world to understand if you’re new to it all. We recognise the fact that it may well be a rather daunting endeavour, buying your first bespoke suit. So we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our customers often ask us. Ordering a bespoke suit is a marvellous experience and we want to make sure you go into it well informed. 


How long does a bespoke suit take to make? 


Our suits are hand made, and we take great care and attention to detail when constructing these beautiful garments. So, our suits take between 10 and 12 weeks to make from start to finish, provided you have time to come in for the try-on. 


How much does a bespoke suit cost?


Our suits start at £1600 for a 2 piece, please refer to our prices page for further information. 


Is there a tailor that makes women’s suits?


We are a tailor that makes women’s suits! It’s exactly the same process as that for men and we love producing women’s wear. Each suit that we make, women’s or men’s is completely bespoke and unique. 


Can you get bespoke/custom overcoats?


Yes, you can, and we offer a beautiful range of cloth perfect for overcoats and morning jackets. 


Can you get bespoke/custom shirts?


You can indeed, we offer the same bespoke service for shirts in a wealth of sophisticated materials. 


What happens at a tailoring consultation?


At your consultation, we discuss the full process behind your suit over a cuppa. We talk cloth, cut and the various accessories you can have before one of our experienced tailors take your measurements!


How long does it take to get a wedding suit made and can you express the order?


As previously mentioned, our suits take between 10 and 12 weeks from your initial consultation to receive the finished piece. As for express orders, it’s best to give us a call as this will be very dependant on how many orders we have on. Often, with the amount of orders going through our studio, it is unlikely that we’ll be able to speed the bespoke process up however it’s always worth a call! 


What is an alteration?


An alteration can take many forms but is essentially what we do to adapt a piece of clothing to achieve a better fit on you. There are many ways we can do this with varying levels of intricacy however most are simple and quick. If you think one of your favourite garments could fit you better, be warmer or you’d like it changed in any way, it is well worth coming in to see us!


How are you keeping safe and clean during covid-19?


We are maintaining a comprehensive cleaning schedule, ensuring that everything remains regularly sanitised. We’ve ensure that our studio and offices are well ventilated to reduce the risk of transmission. Our staff are regularly taking lateral flow tests for everyone’s piece of mind. 


How does a bespoke suit differ from a suit off the rack?


Contrary to popular belief, we cannot organise 7 billion people’s body types into ‘small’, ‘medium’ or ‘large’. We don’t use three shoe sizes for everyone otherwise we’d all be falling over, the same applies to proper clothing. At Morgan and Fenwick, we firmly believe that everyone - women and men - can have a beautifully fitted suit that compliments their body, making them feel confident, handsome and sophisticated. Bespoke clothing can do wonders for your body confidence and attitude, you can walk out the front door knowing you’ll be the best dressed in any room, wearing a flattering outfit that doesn’t battle with you.


Do I have to travel to you or can you come to me? 


We are a travelling tailor, so we can come to you. You are welcome to come for a consultation at our studio in Leeds or offices in London, but if you can’t come to us, please get in touch and we can organise a home visit or another location that suits. 


Can you replicate the fit of my favourite shirt or jacket?


Yes, we can indeed. Please bring the garment in with you for your consultation and we’ll take note of how it fits, it’s construction and cut. 


Do you cater for larger and taller sizes?


We pride ourselves on being able to make beautiful clothing for all shapes and sizes. Clothing that makes you feel comfortable, confident and empowered. Our prices don’t differ with the size of the job. It’s just the amount of cloth you require that affects the pricing. 


Do I have to be re-measured for every suit I order? 


No, once you have been measured at your initial consultation and after we’ve taken notes at your try-on session, we shouldn’t have to take your measurements. Of course, if you gain muscle or lose considerable weight, we shall have to re-measure you. With a bespoke suit, we shall alter your garments to work with any fluctuation in your size and shape. 


What are the different ways I can customise my suit?


There are a plethora of different ways to make your garment unique and individual - see our whole page on this topic!


How can I pay?


We can take card payment in our studio or we are happy to take a bank transfer.


Can you post my order to me?


We can indeed, we use a special courier that will get your suit to you within 24 hours of sending. 


How should I care for and clean my suit? 


We recommend avoiding any kind of cleaning of your suit if possible as the cloths’ structural integrity is compromised. If you need to remove a stain, wait for it to dry and brush it off. As for general maintenance, we suggest you leave a day for your suit to rest before wearing it again and only dry cleaning if it really needs it at a maximum of once a year. 


Can I come back for an alteration on my bespoke suit if my size fluctuates? 


Of course you can, that’s how we are able to guarantee our suits are sustainable. We’d much rather you came back to us to maintain and alter your existing suit rather than buy a carbon copy of the same suit each year. Spend your money on a different style, colour or cut! 


Where are your suits made?


All our suits are handmade here in Leeds, UK by our expert team 


Are all ‘British Bespoke Suits’ made in the UK? 


No, they are not. A lot of British tailors are outsourcing the construction of their garments to tailors overseas. We guarantee that our suits are 100% made in our studio in Yorkshire. 


What are your opening hours? 


Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm 

Saturday by appointment only 

Sunday and bank holidays closed 


Do you offer shoes?


Yes, in our studio we have a range of smart, casual and dress shoes in stock. From 2022 we shall be working with the fabulous team at Barker shoes to provide genuine leather footwear for our customers. 


Do you make casual wear? 


We love a challenge, so if you have any ideas, bring them in. We also offer chinos, shorts and much more. 


What else other than a suit do you make? 


We can make shooting apparel, wedding suits for both males and females, casual wear, shirts and facemarks. 


Where do you operate within the country? 


We are based in Yorkshire and London, however, we serve and are very happy to travel to the rest of the UK. 


I haven’t found the answer to my question here, where can I get in touch? 


Please follow our link here to our ‘Contact’ page. Thanks. 

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