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Bespoke Womenswear is a fantastic addition to any collection, standing the test of time and surviving through the forever evolving trends within fashion. We aim to create timeless bespoke pieces that can become an essential part of your wardrobe. 


Our director and head cutter, Samantha, says “having a bespoke suit in your wardrobe, allows you to embrace the power of being female without dressing overtly feminine. I love making womenswear as every piece is unique and truly personalised”. 


Sustainability is naturally a huge part of Bespoke tailoring, we strive to make garments that will last a lifetime. Capture your unique style and most importantly give you that feeling of empowerment when you try on your bespoke Morgan & Fenwick suit. Whether it’s a Jacket and Trouser combination, Skirts, Blouses or all of them, Morgan & Fenwick excel in bespoke tailored womenswear. 



Bespoke Womenswear Jacket

Prices starting at £1100

Bespoke Womenswear Two piece 

Prices starting at £1700

Bespoke Womenswear Three piece

Prices starting at £2300

Bespoke Womenswear Trouser

Prices starting at £600

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