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Shooting suits

Shooting suits are an essential part of every country-person's wardrobe. This quintessential British sport presents the challenge of practicality vs style, and it’s a challenge that we love! We have a wide variety of tweeds to choose from and lots of variations in styles too, from breeks to shooting vests we can create your ideal look for your next day out in the countryside. 


The benefit of choosing Morgan & Fenwick for you country-wear is our flexibility - you tell us your needs and we’ll cater to whatever they may be. Get in touch to find out more about our shooting suits and the wide variety of options we offer! 



Bespoke Shooting Jacket

Prices starting at £1200

Bespoke Shooting Jacket and Breeks

Prices starting at £1900

Bespoke Shooting Vest

Prices starting at £700

Bespoke Shooting Breeks

Prices starting at £700

Full Shooting Suit 5 piece 

(Jacket, waistcoat, trouser, breeks and shooting vest)

Prices starting at £3,200

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