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Overcoats and raincoats are an essential part of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, but buying an overcoat from a high street store can be challenging. Having a bespoke overcoat means we allow room for your suit to fit comfortably underneath, without compromising the fit or style of your coat. We have many different variations in styles and plenty of different cloths to choose from. We create fabulous classic wool overcoats, to more extravagant ethically sourced alpaca wool overcoats and of course traditional waterproof cotton raincoats. Whatever your style, we can accomplish. 



Bespoke Overcoat

Prices starting at £1400

Bespoke Raincoat

Prices starting at £1300

All of our 'alternative fabric' overcoats are priced individually. We have a wide variety of 100% cashmere, lambswool, Mongolian sheep skin, Alpaca, suedes and leathers to choose from. All of our alternative fabrics are ethically sourced.

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