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There’s nothing better than dressing up for an occasion in a perfectly fitting bespoke suit. Look in the mirror and experience a confidence like no other when you see the stylish, sleek and sophisticated person staring back at you. 


Here at Morgan & Fenwick, the highlight of our job is seeing the look on our clients’ faces when they try on their finished suit. That’s our greatest satisfaction. We strive to create you the perfect suit for any occasion, from traditional dinner jackets, smoking jackets, morning coats and more! Contact us to find out more about the many different styles we offer - we promise you’ll be in love with what we make you. You can be confident that your piece will be truly-bespoke, your ideas combined with our craftsmanship. 



Bespoke Smoking/Dinner Jacket

Prices starting at £1100

Bespoke Dinner Suit

Prices starting at £1700

Bespoke Morning dress Three piece

Prices starting at £2300

Bespoke Morning coat only

Prices starting at £1100

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