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We believe that a bespoke suit is a piece of art, therefore we put every ounce of passion and energy into creating the perfect bespoke suit for you. Bespoke tailoring is making a huge comeback, the appreciation for craft and quality is becoming the priority in choosing what to wear and where to buy it from. 


As a Bespoke tailoring company based in the UK, we take pride in the fact that your suit is made exclusively by us from start to finish. We offer any style of menswear suit, with a wide range of cloths to choose from. Whether you need a new suit for work or a special occasion, Morgan & Fenwick always deliver high quality bespoke tailoring. 



Bespoke Menswear Jacket

Prices starting at £1000

Bespoke Menswear Two piece 

Prices starting at £1600

Bespoke Menswear Three piece

Prices starting at £2200

Bespoke Menswear Trouser

Prices starting at £600

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