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Winter Fashion Forecast

Christmas is just around the corner and this year things might seem a little different… No office parties to dawn your best attire, no family gatherings to catch up with those distant cousins you only see once a year and the possibility of only 6 people around the dinner table. So this year we are focussing on how to dress your best for you!

Red is making a massive come back this winter, if you are bold enough to pull off a two piece suit we have some beautiful flannels in various shades of burgundy, or why not try a heavier super 100 from Bateman Ogden’s BB’s collection? Show up in a soft coral pink or a cool primary red… Catch the eyes of your instagram followers in a Jacket made with Scabal cashmere from their ‘Autumn Leaves’ collection. Or if you can’t quite swallow the sight of a overpowering red suit then perhaps opt for a cloth with a red overcheck? Warm tones of Navy and Red always compliment each other and you’ll still look sharp for your nearest and dearest.Making sure you dress to impress yourself should always be your aim but theres nothing wrong with wanting to be the talk of the party in something extra special. Bateman Ogden have a fantastic collection of cloth that will help you add a little sparkle to your wardrobe. Although we’re all missing out on the party this year, your Morgan & Fenwick suit will last you a life time more!

Layering is a key component in any winter wardrobe but this feeling of being protected means more to us this winter than it ever has before. Overcoats are a statement piece that can be paired with any outfit, whether you are bracing the cold on the way into the office in your day to day suit or walking home in your casual attire after you’ve been kicked out of the pub at 10pm, thick wool fabrics are always the go to choice but why not try something different this winter? Dormeuil have a fabulous collection of unique cloth for overcoats including a beautiful dyed alpaca wool in a variety of colours. Dress up your outfit with some faux leather gloves, an extra wide knitted scarf and don’t forget your matching face mask!

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