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It's Our Birthday!

Morgan & Fenwick bespoke British tailoring is celebrating their 1st birthday 01/08/2020

Newcomers on the Leeds Tailoring scene Morgan & Fenwick Bespoke British Tailoring are a blossoming small business tucked away in the City Mills building in Morley. The creators of high quality bespoke suiting for both Women and Men, despite all odds, are celebrating their first birthday this August. Face to face celebrations are on hold but there is a huge sigh of relief as lockdown restrictions lift and business can get back on track.

Starting a new business in a very niche industry is a difficult task itself and building a business from scratch comes with it’s own challenges, but no one could have predicted the effect that coronavirus has had on small businesses. Morgan & Fenwick have not let this pandemic win. “This break has allowed us to rethink our strategy and fall in love with our craft again” says director and head tailor Aras Barami. “We have had our share of stressful days but overall we have tried to remain positive and look forward at the bright future we have ahead”.

Pushing their way to the forefront of modern bespoke tailoring directors Samantha Fenwick (25) and Aras Barami (38) have built up their business on nothing more than a dream, ambition and drive. Samantha, who was a finalist in last year's Golden Shears tailoring competition, and Aras who has over 20 years experience in the industry joined forces to create this unique Tailoring company that is going to thrive above and beyond Covid-19.

The British tailoring industry has faced many challenges in recent decades, with more production moving abroad and fast fashion taking over the high street. However, as we slowly move into this new era of sustainable fashion, bespoke tailoring is experiencing it’s renaissance and Morgan & Fenwick are ready and waiting to construct you a garment to last a lifetime. ‘Bespoke tailoring is all about longevity, creating a timeless piece that will always remain a treasured asset to your wardrobe’ says director and head cutter Samantha Fenwick.

The pair are both so enthusiastic about their work; it's what makes their company so special and your experience even more memorable. Bespoke tailoring is personal, intimate and unique - your suit becomes more than just an item of clothing, it is a memory, a funny joke, a reminder of new friends and of course; a classic part of your attire.

Keep on the look out for this brand, Morgan & Fenwick have the potential to make this small business into a national empire.

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